Railcar Cleaning

Mulberry Railcar is very aware of the importance of having a railcar cleaned. Railcars should be cleaned in between commodities to avoid unnecessary build / repetitious freight revenue loss. Railcars should be cleaned before any internal repairs can be identified and performed. Our cleaners have decades of combined experience and we offer competitive rates.

Railcar Repairs

Mulberry Railcar is an M-1003 AAR certified shop with a stellar Quality Assurance Program. We are very aware that our customers need their cars in service as soon as possible because a moving car is producing revenue. Safety and efficiency are key components in our repair shop. We are audited yearly by the Association of American Railroads and continually surpass expectations set by the AAR. When your cars enter our yard they will be serviced by personnel that are “doing it safe, doing it right, and doing it on time.”

Railcar Blast, Paint, and Interior Linings

Mulberry Railcar’s 12,000 square foot sandblast and painting facilities are comprised of an enclosed blast booth, enclosed paint booth, and an open air staging, lining, and curing area. We have seasoned sandblasters and painters that understand the paint specification and client requirements. When the paint has cured it is moved to our stencil area where the car is stenciled to the exact railroad specifications. The current capacity of our Blast and Paint department is 15 top 21 cars a week. If the demand is greater, we have the capacity and resources for expansion.
Mulberry Railcar also offers services to spray liners in the interior of railcars and we also extract old liners and spray in new liners.

Railcar Field Repairs

If your car is immobilized, that does not stop Mulberry Railcar from meeting our customer’s needs. If your car can’t come to us, we will go to your car. Our fleets of trucks are fully equipped with welders, compressors, and other specialized tools / equipment. If you are in need of a mobile crew please call 863-425-4986 (ask for Tom or Bruce) or send emails to or

Other Services

Fabrication services
our large certified fabrication facility can handle any and all of your fabrication needs. Check our fabrication capabilities out at

Technology and Data Exchange Billing

In the technology age we live in, we understand the needs of our customers when it comes to electronic billing, data transfer, and electronic payments. Our systems allow data exchange billing, instant communication, and our internal live car status report helps us stay current on car status and hold car dwell time to a minimum. We can upload estimates for approvals and then invoice through your data exchange site. For our smaller companies we can tailor to your needs.

Trans-unloading / Commodity Transfer

Our unloading pit, equipment, and conveyer system enables us to transfer products from a railcar to a truck or a truck to a railcar.

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